Georg Heinrich

Georg is a free spirit, world traveler and a earth connected soul.

He is an enthusiastic kitchen magician for over 15 years, whether it’s fine dining, training vegan nutritionists by and with Rüdiger Dahlke or organizing global cooking courses in the vegan Ayurvedic area.
He has also been enchanting the acro scene for 3 years with his quality, a small ecological footprint and manged to combine hard kitchen work with having a joyful fiesta atmosphere.

As one of his main tasks, he would describe: banning and breaking chains of structures, opening the horizon and space for creativity and getting back to the intuition. With love and joy for what we need to find our way back into our strength.

With this unleashed acro-monkey energy, he will be happy to help you get better in L-Basing / Standing Acro such as Icarian and with crazy and different moves.

Since creative Aquarians quickly get bored, improvisation acro is definetly his field.
The devotion, the trust to let go and to connect is now part of his work.

As a main organizer of your Retreat and experienced jungle traveler, he is happy to assist you with all concerns, ideas and wishes.


“Reminding people of their unique potential and holding someone’s hand while they step out of their comfort zone and discover a new version of themselves is what I live for”

The word Yoga means “Unity” – connection with yourself, your body, your emotions and everything that surrounds you in your life. I love teaching Asana practice (Vinyasa Flow), breath work (Pranayama), yoga philosophy and yoga of sound (Nada Yoga) as tools for discovering aspects of ourselves that were previously hidden and as a means to connect with your body and heart on a deeper level. Once we become fully present in our body, we’re rewarded with increased mental clarity and sensitivity for both yourselves. This increased awareness serves as a profound basis for sustainable transformation and healing of our lives both on the physical as well as emotional and spiritual levels. 

Sara & Jannik

feel the flow – that’s Jannik and Sara from Hamburg. They met 5 years ago and fell in love with creating dynamic AcroYoga flows. In 2018 they started teaching beginners. The constant improvements in their own training and the teacher training at partner acrobatics made them confident to teach topics like whips, icarians, h2hs and other dynamic transitions. In their workshops they want to pass on their knowledge about different concepts, always emphasizing that there are various working techniques and that everyone needs another individual advice.

They want their students to have fun and to get that “acro-high” feeling that they always have after spending hours flying, training, failing and laughing together.

Instagram: @feel_the_flow_hamburg 
YouTube: feel the flow – AcroYoga  

Jonas Nagel

This is Jonas Nagel and we are super happy to introduce him to you as part of our AcroRica TeacherTeam..!
Just like the others he’s burning for Acro, Contact and other body & mind related movement activities.
Jonas is a passionated fire juggler and traveller, practising Acro for 7 years and teaching it for 5 years.. Spreading fun and joy all around the globe with his easy-going way to teach and play, improvise and dance, he is looking forward to share his skills in Acro, Contact Impro, Juggling and his knowledge about nature with you..!


Marlene is a colorful globetrotter, free spirit and adventurer who also likes to sneak into her cave and travel to the depths of her inner oceans.

10 years ago life sent her to experience the most diverse worlds and met other colorful souls who deeply shaped and inspired her.
First it was about the outer journey, until she came across the hidden inner treasures in Perú, her current home, and was allowed to awaken and develop her talents, such as acro yoga, yoga, music, singing, art, dance, Reiki/Energy Healing, tantric modalities, bodywork, massage, movement, spiritual coaching, teaching, learning, sharing.

In the retreat she will lead the morning meditations and conjure up a creative spiritual evening program from her tool box that suits your needs. Marlene will also organize the cacao ceremony, fly with you in the Acro Yoga Space and be there for you as a spaceholder.

“I am so looking forward to go on this unforgettable magical journey with you to play, to experience ourselves in a new way, to fly, to fly, to fly and to fly. Mucho amor.”
Marlenes Website

Jan Gaggstatter

During our retreat Jan will lead us through the depths of the jungle,
ride the waves with us, lead us to hidden places and bring us closer to everything that the underwater world has to offer.
He originally comes from the Canary Islands,
but lives half his life in Costa Rica, connected to nature and the sea.
We are very excited about the adventures we will experience with him.
Since we have been friends with him for some time, we know that you can have a
wonderful, funny and exciting time with him.
He offers the hikes in German, Spanish and English language.