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7 Days of Acroyoga,
Jungle immersion &

Our pricing includes all workshops, Meals cooked by a professional Chef, Adventures, Rituals and much more !

Private Bungalow

Ever dreamed of your own cabin in the jungle? The private bungalows allow you to enjoy the  tranquility of nature as well as the the comfort of your own private cabin. These bungalows come with a double bed and are perfect for 2 people.

Price: €1600 ($1740)

Private Bungalow with Private shower

Enjoy the luxury of your own private bungalow and private shower with amazing views of the jungle. 

Price: €1650 ($1795)

Shared Dorm

Staying in one of our shared bungalows is  great and affordable way to live during the retreat. There is plenty of space to relax in our shared communal space, making the shared bungalow the perfect way to experience all the retreat has to offer.

Shared bungalows will have a maximum capacity of 3 people.

Price: €1500 ($1632)
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This offer expires the 6th December 2023